Doves & Pigeons in the largest numbers you have ever seen.

New top notch lodge especially designed to receive hunters surrounded by beautiful green areas and unmatched mountain views.

Short distances to the hunting fields. After your long international trip, enjoy daily to travel short distances to the hunting fields; this will allow you to have a more relaxing and pleasurable stay with us. Enjoy the thrill of Decoy Pigeon Hunting. Argentina Pigeon hunting has turned into a real challenge, since there are few sites in which excellent hunt can be performed. Without exaggeration, South Pioneers provides the best pigeon hunting of the world! For British-style decoy hunting, we provide plastic decoys plus a “Pigeon Magnet” (spinning decoy). Its effect is immediate and tens of pigeons begin to fly down, allured by the decoy.

Doves & Pigeons in the largest numbers you have ever seen. The volume of pigeons and doves present in the area is astounding!! And a very rare thing to find both species together in this volume in the same area in Argentina or even around the world! The lodge area is well known to have a micro clime so healthy food, combined with mild, sunny, dry weather, will help you feel in the best way to enjoy your hunting adventure.