One of the best places in the world for high volume dove and pigeon shooting.

Bolivia: The shooting is beyond belief as millions of doves and pigeons winter in their lush grain fields from April through October creating awe inspiring shooting that cannot be duplicated anywhere else on earth. The best way to describe it is add the volume of birds of Argentina, with the latin fun and flavor of Colombia and then set it in a tropical jungle setting so you never know what you will see from one day to the next. Now this is not wild jungle but the local farmers mostly mennonite, have carved out huge sections of farm land from the jungle creating incredible fields of corn, sorghum and sunflowers that draw in literally millions of doves and pigeon every year. By law, they have to leave a certain percentage of the land natural creating the perfect place for monkeys and other jungle wildlife to live in unison.

The superior hunting experience.

Nicaragua: With over 25 years of experience, the company has continuously provided its clients with the superior hunting experience they deserve. The lodge is located in the beautiful colonial town of Granada, Nicaragua, where you can enjoy and experience so much more than just the hunting. We are certain that when you return home, you will be anxiously planning your next visit. Granada is considered to be one of the safest cities in Central America. This city brought in over one million tourists last year! Two hundred and fifty thousand of them being Americans. Nicaragua also is considered the best place in the world to hunt white winged dove and blue winged teal. Each trip will be no more than a 45-minute drive which will mostly be on a paved road. Duck hunts require a 30 to 40-minute van ride to the marsh, and then a 20-minute boat ride to the blind.

Beautiful view to the river banks.

Uruguay: The lodge is an 8,000 square feet “arrow head” building, made of stone and wood walls, and red tile roof. It is located over the hill at the Río Negro banks. The 8 bedrooms have a wonderful view to the river banks, the living room and dining room, with floor to ceiling glass windows, gives you the sensation of living inside the river, you can see when fish feed, doves and pigeons fly, water level and wind before going fishing or hunting. The lodge accommodates 16 persons in double occupancy or 8 in single rooms. All the rooms are suite style, have individual air conditioning, radiant heated floor, safe and all the privacy a modern building can offer, while retaining the rustic style of the lodge.  arshe