18,000 square feet of pure luxury

New Zealand’s finest free range hunting safari company offer the world’s best Red Stag, Tahr and Chamois Hunting. The Lodge offers visitors the highest quality conditions in relaxed peaceful surroundings. Outstanding views over the New Zealand bush with the real privacy that only isolation can bring. While you rest between hunts you can enjoy the finest of New Zealand’s wine and food. This operation is set in New Zealand’s spectacular, remote Whanganui River Valley. Surrounded by 250,000 acres of lush forest and breathtaking views of the Ruapehu volcano, Wanganui Safaris provides the free range hunt of a lifetime. By day you will hunt big Red Stags, Sika, Fallow, Arapawa sheep, goats and/or boar. By night you will enjoy gourmet meals, New Zealand wines, and superb lodge accommodations surrounded by this amazing natural setting. Our clients currently hold 4 SCI#1 trophies and have taken over 350 Gold Medal stags. Non-hunting companions are welcome. They will receive personalized attention and can enjoy everything from gold medal sight-seeing, to shopping, and river boat trips. This operation is family owned and has been operating for five generations.

Large variety and the best quality!

This operation offers our hunters more than 35 species of big game, including 2 of the Big 5, on our 4 PRIVATELY OWNED AREAS in the Northern Cape Province of South-Africa. In addition to that we also have access to some of the best Big Game Hunting/Hunting areas in Southern Africa. Our team of dedicated, licensed and highly experienced Professional Hunters, Trackers and Skinners, will guide you, assist you and attempt to educate you every step of the way. Together, the team has guided clients armed with Rifle, Bow, Muzzle Loader and Handgun to the location of more than 50 species of game and to hundreds of trophies in the record class. You will arrive as a client and you will leave as a friend, with memories you will treasure forever. We own and operate our own 13000 sq foot African San Taxidermy Studio and Curio Shop, conveniently situated only 1 mile from our Wag-‘n-Bietjie base camp. Our Management Team, Master Taxidermist and 21 Professional staff members will ensure that your valuable trophies are expertly handled, mounted, crated and exported safely to your final destination of choice.

The highest quality of thropies and service.

This operation is based in Barcelona, which is located in the NE part of Spain. It specializes in big game hunts throughout the Iberian Peninsula, mainly in private concessions, for Spanish Ibex (Beceite, Gredos, Southeastern & Ronda), Spanish Red Stag, European Fallow Deer, pure-breed Mouflon Sheep, Pyrenean & Cantabrian Chamois, European Roe Deer, Aoudad and Wild Boar. THS always hunts in the best areas in order to offer their clients the highest quality of trophies & service. We look forward to you joining us in this once in a lifetime experience.

The finest big game hunting in Patagonia, Argentina.

This place is Argentina´s leading outfitter and has an outstanding reputation in the hunting industry. This operation has always offered the finest Big game hunting in Patagonia. All the staff, including the owners, are perfectionists when it comes to customer service, giving the hunter not only a lifetime experience but also, top notch accommodation and service in one of the most breathtaking settings on earth. We are proud to say we offer the highest trophy quality you will ever find in our country, and the world. All trophies are awesome and guaranteed to make the record book. You will find more than 15 different species in our 85.000 acre private ranches, we really offer the very best fair chase and also free range hunting. The majestic Red Stag is the most demanded trophy in our area and we are proud to say we offer the unique“Monster” red stag. It’s important to mention we hold the world’s third largest population of Pere David’s deer and Algar is the only place in the world where Pere David’s deer can be hunted free range.