Driven Shooting 

An unrivaled shooting experience

Montana, USA: This ranch is a rare jewel among hunting venues. The unique and exceptional 3,000 acre property has topography and natural habitat that is vastly diverse, offering wingshooters the rare opportunity to hunt for the “Grand Slam of Wingshooting;” chukar, pheasant, valley quail and Hungarian partridge all in the same day, in their native habitat. For an unrivaled shooting experience Highland Hills Ranch will not disappoint. Our professionally-trained staff, exceptional service, incredible cuisine and five-star accommodations ensures an adventure you will never forget. If world-class wingshooting for Pheasant, Chukar, Quail, Hungarian Partridge are what you’re looking for, in the most spectacular setting imaginable, Highland Hills Ranch is the place for you.

 Thrill and elegance

Barcelona, Spain: Unforgettable is the thrill and elegance of a red-legged partridge shoot – the King of international shooting sports. A typical Spanish red-legged partridge hunt is when beaters drive the birds, enabling you to shoot hundreds of them from one position. You will be assisted by people called ”secretarios” who supply partridges, load the guns, and pick up the birds while providing all kinds of comforts. This method of hunting is called “ojeo” in Spanish.